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Neutron Expertise

Energy resolved neutron beam imaging

  • quality assessment of neutron optical elements
  • neutron guides, plugs, shutters (average reflectivity, alignment accuracy)
  • velocity selectors (selectivity, transmission)
  • focusing elements
  • monochromators
  • verification of numerical simulation results for upstream components
  • input data for downstream optical element and instrument optimization

Simulation of neutron guides

  • Optimization of neutron guide geometry
  • Shielding calculation
  • horizontal, vertical profiles, divergent profile flux
  • neutron spectra at different positions along the guide cross section
  • effective temperatures at different positions
  • calculation for various guide elements, surfaces, imperfections

Engineering design

Dose rate calculation along neutron guides

The SONG program enables the estimation of the losses and the dose rate calculated from the losses along neutron guides and in the gaps between the guide elements. Based on these data, the necessary dimensions of the shielding can be determined. The illustration besides is the dose rate chart along ANSTO-CG3 calculated from the losses of the ideal guide in units Sv/m2/h.