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Vacuum House Systems

Neutron Guides Vacuum House

  • Vacuum housing for neutron guides
  • Custom designed into beamline environment
  • Rectangular or circular shape
  • Additional absorbent shielding option
  • Pumping / Vent system with remote control option

Vacuum Chambers

  • Vacuum box for beamline components: choppers, valves, monitors etc.
  • Custom designed into beamline environment
  • Additional absorbent shielding option
  • Collimation chambers with translation table units
  • Flexible vacuum housing connection
  • High-vacuum boxes, devices
  • Custom size large gate valve design and production

Custom Design Vacuum Equipments and FEM calculation

  • Our company design vacuum (house/chambers) equipment according to the customer's requirement. 
  • FEM (Finit element method) calculation for vacuum houses deformation.