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Metal-glass sandwich guide (patented)

Special guide assembly technique developed for the requirements of Spallation sources for all types of straight/curved/tapered guides.The construction provides perfect protection against the fast, epithermal and parasite neutrons.

  • Patended design, principle and procedure
  • Installed as free-standing guide construction or
    inside vacuum housing
  • Minimalized outer dimensions structure
  • The free-standing guide construction is equivalent to
    vacuum housing
  • Metal or elastomer vacuum sealing between the steel plates
  • The steel plates eliminates the fast/streaming neutrons and additional gamma shielding
  • Minimized of 0.3 mm gap between glass and steel frame
  • Borated neutron shielding (MirroBor) could be installed between the glass and steel plates increasing the neutron absorption
  • Additional gamma shielding installation around the structure is easy and safe
  • The installation and replacement procedure is easy and fast