Neutron Detectors

Position Sensitive 2D detector      Test "Black" Detector      PSD Data Aquisition Unit      Beam Monitors      Position Sensitive Neutron Beam Monitor      Integral Monitor Control Unit

Position Sensitive 2D Detectors

  • for regular in-situ NG diagnostic
  • cross-section neutron intensity distribution (TOF application-the diagnostic is wavelength dependent)
  • Custom designed based on active area and spatial resolution requirements
  • Position encoding technique: delay line
  • Anode and cathode wires: Gold-Tungsten
  • Filling gas: Helium-3 and CF4
  • Dynamic range: single neutron detection
  • 5 preamplifiers built in
  • Commercial CFD and TDC can be connected or vendor-supplied
  • XY projection, integration; open interfaces for easy integration to existing software

Test "Black" Detector

  • for efficiency test
  • flux measurement (TOF application-the diagnostic is wavelength dependent)
  • advantage to tube: high count-rate capability, planar arrangement: constant active gas depth
  • Model No. MWBD-30


PSD Data Acquisition Unit

  • Model No. LisTDC-312
    • With ACAM chip/a (serial/parallel)
    • With ACAM chip/b (Time Stamp)
    • Only FPGA (Isherd)
  • Measurement of a number of parallel events
  • Data gathering
  • Series of filters
  • Filtering: e.g. by wavelength intervals
  • Histogram generation
  • Events are recorded in lists
  • Lists are processed into histograms
  • Lists remain available for revisiting
  • Common 2D Event List
  • Spectral 2D Event List
  • 2D information (X & Y) extracted from Stop signals

Beam Monitors

  • Custom designed and optimized to beam size
  • Total thickness: ~ 20 - 22 mm
  • Window thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Anode wires: Gold-Tungsten
  • Filling gas: Nitrogen or Helium-3, Helium-4 and CF4
  • Optionally, built-in SHV BNC
  • Calibrated and certified by neutrons
  • Re-charge/re-calibration option
  • Visualization counter software with open interfaces for easy integration to existing software
  • BME - Beam Monitor Electronics - AMP / SCA / HV

Position Sensitive Neutron Beam Monitor

  • Overall dimensions: 270 x 190 x 45 mm3
  • Active area: 200 x 65 mm2
  • Window thickness: 0.5 mm - 2 mm (on gas pressure)
  • Gas filling: 3He at ultra low pressure or N2 +CF44He
  • Position resolution: 1.8  x 1.8 mm2 (FWHM)
  • Gas connector: Swagelok QC series
  • Detection efficiency: 10-5 to 10-3 ( 0.025eV/1.8Å).

Integrated Monitor Control Unit

  • Model No. LisMon-331
  • Standard functionality Monitor (Inhibit)
  • List Mode Monitor (Start/Stop)
  • Advanced List Mode (Monitor Count in List)