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Monochromator Goniometric Stage

  • Rotation around vertical axis
  • Double translation (±20 mm)
  • Double tilt (±15º)
  • High precision positioning accuracy
  • Remote controlled
  • Movement range customization

Focusing Monochromator Unit

  • Double Horizontal and/or vertical focusing
  • High-resolution positioning accuracy
  • Radiation hard components option
  • Variable length of crystals up to 300 mm
  • Installation and alignment of the crystals
  • Oriented Focusing devices for Ge,Si,HOPG,Cu monochromators
  • Bending mechanism with automatic wedge system
  • Remote controlled

Single Crystal Production For Monochromator

  • Double focusing Si bent perfect crystal (BPC) monochromator
  • Silicon single crystal slabs asymmetric cut with  (311) and (511) option
  • Pecision cut for specified orientation
  • Orientation measured and certified by X-ray
  • Size and stack requirement as per request
  • High-precision parallelity by polishing