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Scope of Activity

Neutron supermirror guide construction, and other multilayer devices is the major activity of the company. Mirrotron is also interested in other fields of neutron research instrumentation: neutron velocity selectors and neutron beam choppers are in the scope of our production.

Mirrotron has also developed the technology for multiwire gas chamber detectors and an important variety of this type of devices is commercially available. Continuous development of our products is our committed way of work.

Mirrotron offers custom design and supply of complete turn-key/ready-to-use spectrometers/diffractometers for neutron scattering research facilities. The company product range covers the whole instrumentation from neutron optic components as high-quality supermirror guides, monochromators and polarizers to beam manipulation devices, detection systems and neutron/radiation shielding


Mirrotron Ltd. was founded by physicists and engineers at the Central Research Institute for Physics (KFKI Budapest) in 1991. The company is still owned by the same founders. Mirrotron's activities are centered on scientific instrumentation, primarily related to neutron scattering.

The company has been in good position to draw on the experience and achievements of the Hungarian school of neutron scattering with home basis of the 10 MW Budapest Research Reactor. Neutron optics/devices supplied by Mirrotron can be found in most of the neutron research institutions all around the world.

General Terms and Conditions

Partner Institutions

Quality Management System

Mirrotron Ltd. is committed to the highest quality and standards, therefore our processes and technologies are audited according to ISO 9001:2008.

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We are very proud of Mirrotron has been produced 125 units of neutron beam shaping devices and more than 1600 meters of supermirror neutron guides.


Research and Development Programs

Mirrotron participates in many Hungarian and EU research and development programs.

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